Vitamins A-Z For Successful Trading

successful trading vitamins

When it comes to profitable trading, there are many success factors.

Firstly, one has to have a good trading plan and the right tools to implement the trading plan. Secondly, a trader must exercise good money management to ensure there are proper risk controls in place. The last key factor to successful trading is the psychology of trading.

Trading psychology is essentially the traders mindset. It is a must for trading success but is usually developed over time by actual trading and experiences gained from it. Without the right mindset, even the best trading plan will not help because the ultimate execution belongs to the trader.

Some examples of psychological trading issues are like

  1. Fear of taking a loss for the need of being right
  2. Getting out of trades too early because of anxiety and need for instant gratification
  3. Overtrading because of greed or over-excitement
  4. Anger after a losing trade because of unrealistic expectations
  5. Fear of trading for fear of risks and the unknown..

These are just examples of how without a proper mindset, a trader can let the market environment take control of their emotions instead of the trader controlling their emotions to trade objectively and thus trade profitably.

While the mindset of a successful traders takes time and experience to cultivate, we can definitely short-cut the process by modeling the mindset of people who are already successful traders.

It is with that in mind, that Asia Charts developed the ‘Vitamins A-Z For Successful Trading’ cards to help our students and anyone who wants to trade successfully to benefit from the wisdom of Professional Traders and Market Experts.

The cards are beautifully designed and compact like a pack of playing cards. Most importantly it is packed with priceless trading gems to implant the ‘Traders Mindset’ into the readers’ mind.

The philosophies and teachings of trading that we have used in the cards are carefully picked and written by our Chief Trainer, Mr CK Ee, a certified behaviour consultant.

Affordably priced, these cards are also perfect investments as gifts to friends, relatives and even to clients as we have had orders from companies who gave it to their clients as corporate gifts.