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This may be the MOST IMPORTANT INDICATOR you ever use !

When faced with many stocks that are trending upwards at the same time, which would you choose? With limited capital, it is not possible to buy every single stock that appears to ‘run away’ therefore traders need a better strategy to fine-tune their stock selections.

Ideally all traders would want to make the most money in the shortest time. The obvious strategy is to look for stocks that will enter into a Parabolic Trend (explosive short uptrend that resembles a parabola curve on the charts) that offers high rewards in a fast ‘ride’.

The Turbo Trend Indicator (TTI) is a purpose-built indicator to capture such explosive stocks and help identify a safe trading zone for entry into a trending stock. When riding a parabolic trend, most traders typically end up with smaller profits because they exit too early due to emotional anxieties and fears that the trend has ended. However, with TTI, traders can have more confidence to hold on to the stock until the trend ends without returning too much profit back to the market.

How To Use TTI ?
Through our extensive research and experience, we have identified certain parameters that will indicate a parabolic trend with high probability. We have consolidated all these parameters into an easy-to-use indicator that will run on MetaStock charting software.
With TTI, the charts will display the price bars in different colours to indicate the zone the stock is in. Refer to the examples below:

Parabolic Trend

TTI, a trend indicator, identifies stocks with Turbo Zone

Chart showing TTI signalling Parabolic Trend - Turbo Zone

Green Zone indicates that a stock is in Power Zone, which is a transition to the parabolic zone (or Turbo Zone ).

BLUE Zone confirms that the stock is currently in the Turbo Zone.

Using the confirmation that the stock is in transition or in the parabolic zone, traders can use this knowledge coupled with other respective trading strategy to make safe entry.

TTI can be used together with your favourite indicators, such as MACD, Moving average, ADX, etc. to make entry decisions with better assurance of success.

TTI solves the dilemmas faced by traders by :

  • narrowing down the short-listed stocks to stocks that has higher potential of returns
  • giving further assurance to traders because of the entry and re-entry confirmation
  • increasing the risk-reward ratio by giving an earlier signal for those who adopt aggressive strategy of buying before an overhead resistance in turbo zone
  • avoiding stocks that will go sideways after breakout

TTI also works incredibly well in Down Market. When stocks enter into Plummet Zone , which is displayed as RED , it has high probability of experiencing severe fall in price.

Reverse Parabolic Trend being Captured - Plummet Zone

Turbo Trend Indicator used to identify Plummet Zone


TTI is available on subscription at $130 per month, on yearly subscription basis.

Every TTI subscriber will receive a Metastock Add-on CD which comprises 6 Exploration Formula, 1 template and 1 Expert Advisor.

Turbo Trend Indicator - Strongest Trend, Shortest Time