Traders Hub – Daily “LIVE” Trading Session

In November 2007, Asia Charts (Singapore) Pte Ltd created the SR Traders Hub facility to allow our students to gather and trade in our premises. This facility is made available exclusively to our students to ensure that everyone in the Traders Hub is using the same methodology and trading system provided by Asia Charts. You can learn more about our courses and Trading System here – Super Rally Trading Course Package.


Students guided through LIVE Trading in Traders Hub

When you attend our Super Rally Trading Seminar, you will learn how to use the proprietary SR Trading System and learn skills on how to trade effectively. You will also be taught the common pitfalls that most traders encounter.

However a common observation in the past is that some students lack the discipline to stick to the rules when it comes to actual trading because it is common for novice traders to get swayed by the market movements if one is unsure.

This is especially so when the students trade alone on their own with no one to verify whether they are following the right methods or if their analyses are correct. For example, some novice traders did not take stop losses when they should, thus resulting in further losses. Or some sell off too early because of the fear of losing profits but ended up failing to capture sizeable profits. Without someone to guide or to give assurance, novice traders can easily become demoralized and stop trading altogether. This is when we decided to set ourselves apart from other seminar providers by setting up the Traders Hub.

The following are the benefits of trading at our Traders Hub:

Trade Like The Professionals
Our trainers themselves are actual experienced professional traders and not seminar speakers who teach but do not trade. In fact, throughout the day, our trainers themselves are trading because that is their passion.

At the Traders Hub, students and novice traders will get the unique opportunity to see how professional traders actually trade and learn from it first hand.

Live Coaching
Our trainers are responsible and helpful teachers. They do not disappear as soon as you have attended the seminars! We are committed to helping our students succeed and ever willing to support them. The Traders Hub provides the perfect environment for that to happen because students can have the opportunity to clarify their doubts with the trainers or supporting staff.

The key benefit of being part of the Traders Hub is the unique opportunity to be coached by our trainers and support staff as you do actual trading. With proper guidance, even beginners will not feel at a loss trading.

Interactive Environment
The sessions are done in an interactive manner that brings learning to a higher level. With interaction based on practical conditions and actual trading, novice traders learn faster as they can also learn from other traders’ experience.

They can check with their counterparts whether they are following the trading system correctly and to confirm if their analyses were correct. Such interaction is invaluable especially to novice traders.

Timely Updates Of Market Conditions
Have you ever missed a major trading opportunity because you just were not paying attention to the market? But at the Traders Hub, when something happens in the market, everyone will be ‘alerted’ of it so that you will never miss any key moments in the markets and miss a profit.

The Traders Hub is opened daily (weekdays) from 9am to 5pm.

Our trainers provide briefing during the day on what they observe on the market and to help students know what stocks to focus on throughout the day. This includes showing how to use the trading system to select stocks and to understand how to read the trends.

At the end of the day, there will be a debrief on the trades done by the trainer as well as trades done by the students. Our trainer will then review those trades by students and provide corrective advice to the students.

The Traders Hub has been well received and committed students who have been to the facility regularly have made consistent profits. There are even students who have recouped their course fees even before attending the 2-day SR Trading Seminar just by learning and trading at the Traders Hub.

To find out more about how you can join the Traders Hub, please check out our Super Rally Trading Course Package