What People Said About Our...

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… Trading Methodology

“Easy For New Traders…”

“Having attended another course using technical analysis, I have found the SR method to be so much easier for a new trader like me “

– Bernard Goh


“Great Stuff! Even after 20 years of trading, this is really enlightening! There is hope in a turnaround for my trading.”

– Bernard Tan

“Extremely Useful..”

“The workshop is extremely useful as it not only gives you the trading strategies but it also emphasizes the trading psychology. The master trainer, CK, is fantastic!”

– S. Sivalingam


“The designer of the trading system is a genius but it does not need a genius to understand the system. CK had put it across to the class in a very realistic, simple and interesting manner that we enjoyed very much! He is also very humble and sincere and I’ll rate it as the best trading course that I have attended so far.”

– Tan Shuh Chern

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… Comprehensive Workshops

“Excellent! Really Love It!”

I wish I was taught this 10 years ago. The workshop fills all the gaps that theoretical finance and arcane technical analysis books leave behind. CK is an engaging, approachable and interesting teacher. And his support staff is top-notch as well. Excellent! Really Love it!”

– Sean Ring
CFA Trainer, Ex-VP Credit Suisse

“Most Effective Technical Analysis Course..”

“It is the most effective Price-Volume analysis course in the market. CK explained the reaction of every bar on the chart and it helped us to understand the market psychology better.”

– Peter Tham

“Excellent Trading Course…”

“It is an excellent trading course which CK has provided a systematic tool/knowledge skill to the class : Selection, Setup, Action!… I know the stock market better now and gain more confidence in investing stock”

– Cheng Soon Teek

“Best Course!”

Excellent course, very inspiring. Have attended few other trading courses, this is by far the BEST!

– Choo Yong Kwong

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… Dedicated Trainer

“Knows His Stuff…”

“CK is a very good trainer and he knows his stuff well. This course is better than those “ang moh” trainers. He only teaches the things that matters to the market so we can avoid learning all the complex Technical Analysis indicators”

– Ang Kheng Guan

“Always Ready To Share..”

“He has a very good, thorough understanding of the market and is always ready to share

– Otto Kee


“I find CK very good and responsibile. I respect your commitment. A* class!! Will recommend anyone (traders) who wants to know what he is doing! Thank you!”

– Zenson Fan

“Good Educator..”

“CK is a good educator who emphasizes on maximising profits and more importantly, minimise losses.” The workshop is conducted like an academic school. Very satisfying and an eye-opener towards trading. Thumbs up!”

– Liu Weishen

Our Super Rally Course ...

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… Achieves Results!

“Won Stock Challenge!”

“Btw I won the first Money Mind Channelnewsasia Stock Challenge 2017 last year. Thanks to CK course”

– Jimmy Yap

“ROI of more than 200%!”

“I am happy to inform you that in the recent CMC Trading Competition to recognise the trading skill  of their traders… I came in fourth with an ROI of more than 200%

– Patrick Koh

“I Really Cannot Believe It!”

“The course has definitely helped me a lot and in just January, my ROI is 30% of my capital! I really cannot believe it. Looking forward to learn more from you as well as from the mentors  and seniors at Asia Charts!”

– Jervis Lau

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… Is Highly Recommended!


Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning to trade the market correctly. This seminar is jam-packed with useful and practical information delivered in crystal clear and interesting way”

– KC Ho

“Wish I had Attended Earlier..”

“Very good course. With that I had attended it earlier. The training confirmed and strengthened my resolve to change for the better my trading style and philosophy “

– Kenneth Lim

“Well Recommended”

“Indeed a well recommended course by my friend. Opened up a whole new concept of trading based on charts and technical analysis, especially fundamentals and news of company does not apply anymore!”

– Tan Chee Teck

“Regret Not Attending Earlier…”

“Very practical and systematic way of presentation. Have attended other workshops whereby information is not presented in a simple and systematic way. I really appreciate the workbooks & CK’s down-to-earth teachings. Instead of promising unrealistic profits, he’s practical and humble. Last but not least, I absolutely appreciate his topic on money management with details on position sizing. I only regret not attending earlier… it could have saved me the price I paid in the market. Thank you so much for your generous teachings from the heart CK!”

– Roseline Fong

“Glad I Attended”

“I am glad that I attended this workshop. Gives me a compass to follow in the stock market. Very well planned and structured programme”

– Teo Boon Wee

“Good Material, Good Execution”

“Good material. Good execution. Good support. I’ll recommend this course for everyone

– Solihin Jinata


… Has Great Support!

“Very Approachable”

“CK and his team members are very approachable and helpful in assisting the studentsin all aspects relating to trading. I would definitely recommend my friends to share the benefits…”

– Rachel Tan

“ONLY One!”

“Although I have attended other courses by other trainers elsewhere, CK is the ONLY one that provides such good support after course… Really grateful to CK and his team”

– Zen Tan

“Get Back Your Course Fees!”

“It is the only course in Singapore that provides so much support and make sure you get back your course fees!”

– Jervis Lau

“Crown Jewel in Trading!”

“Crown Jewel in Trading! Has good mentoring support. They are very friendly. CK is always willing to share his wealth of trading experience. Value of money programme. Excellent!”

– Jasper Tham


“Program was very well-organised and the staff were very helpful. People like Lee Peng, Gerald and all other staff were always there to facilitate me when I am in need. Kudos to the staff in Asia Charts!”

– Justin Tan