Managing The Trade For Maximum Profits

This programme is designed to gives you a complete approach to managing your trade to achieve maximum gain while minimizing your risk

Maxi-gains is designed to gives you a complete approach which shows you exactly how successful trade management can increase your profitability on any single strategy that you are using today.

It does not matter whether you using indicators like MACD, Bollinger Band or trading system such as Darvas Box Method, chart pattern breakout, swing or position trading, Maxi-gains will help you extract maximum profit from the trade.

Maxi-gains goes beyond stock selection and entry in the land of profitability which comes with it, uncertainties. Holding a position and staying in a trend is one of the hardest skills to master and Maxi-gains addresses this challenge.

Maxi-gains unique feature lies in its 5-point refinement system :

  • Structure and Foundation
    Understanding the core foundation of a good trade helps trader avoid risky trades and prevent overtrading.
    How to understand the core message of the market
  • Support and resistance
    Not all support and resistance zones are the same.
    Understand how Anchors and price pivots made these zones more significant.
    Why price zones exist in the charts and why are they “sticky”.
    How to identify tradeable area in the charts to launch a trade which help to improve profitability.
  • Price Volume (PV) analysis
    Managing the trade by Bar-by-bar through understanding the intimate relationship between price and volume.
    Identifying red flags arising from the anomalies between price and volume give trader a head-up to the underlying change in the market structure.
  • Momentum & price action
    How to enter a trade when it shows momentum
    Understanding the pace of price moves and extend of the move
  • Time analysis – the 3rd dimensions of the market
    Leverage on time frame integration (weekly, daily, hourly charts)
    How Trend alignment help to improve your probability of success.
    Getting into a trade earlier on shorter timeframe with minimum risk
    Anticipating trend weakness on multiple timeframe for setting and adjusting stop levels

From these 5-point refinement, you will know

  • How to identify the core message of the market
  • How to predict very accurate price targets to make a bulks of profits in any trend
  • How to identify ‘red flags’ arising from anomalies in the market structure and to know whento exit
  • How to adjust stops to say in trades for maximum gains

    In short, Maxi-Gains complements your trading strategies for maximum result !