How To Win Like The Turtles

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If you are an avid trader, you have probably heard about the legendary Turtle Trading System or even read books about the Turtles. In case you are still wondering what turtles had to do with trading the markets, let us shed some light by going back a few decades to a watershed event in the history of trading.

It all started back in 1983. Richard Dennis was a trader who became well-known because he turned $400 into a $200million fortune just by trading the markets. His partner, Bill Eckhardt, was certain it was due to Dennis’ in-born genius and not replicable. Dennis however felt that it was due to a simple system he followed and most importantly, anyone with some reasonable intelligence could do the same. To settle the debate, Dennis and Eckhardt decided to do an experiment.

“Are Great Traders Born Or Made?”

Can ordinary people be trained to become Great Traders and create massive wealth from the markets? Dennis believed that he could take ordinary folks from the streets and turn them into great traders…just like they grow turtles in Singapore!

To summarise, Richard Dennis did an experiment with a group of ordinary folks, some who have no experience in trading, taught them how to trade using his system over a period of time. And the results? Five years later, his students, called the ”Turtles”, earned an aggregate profit of $175million!

“Win Like The Turtles”

Many of the “Turtles” have gone on to make huge waves in the investment industry and even published books about the trading system they learnt from Dennis. However, to the untrained eye, you could read the book, understand how the rules work but still have absolutely no idea how to implement them.

That is why Asia Charts have created a system to help you use the exact rules the Turtles used to trade. This MetaStock Add-on is the ideal system for anyone who finally wants to trade like the “Turtles” and simple enough that even beginners can use it to

  • Discover What Stocks To Buy
  • When To Buy (Long) or Sell (Short)
  • When To Exit The Trade

Basically in the Turtle Trading System, there are Two Systems that you can either use to go Long or Short to capture profits in uptrend and downtrend market. We have programmed it such that you can use either of these systems to filter Stocks using the MetaStock Exploration. (See Example Below)

turtle system asia charts

Once you have narrowed down the stocks to monitor, the unique ‘Turtle Band’ is programmed to help you decide on the price to buy/sell whenever there is a Turtle Breakout and when to exit the trade once the price has cut the Adaptive Trailing Loss Band. Below are examples of the Turtle Band (Blue and Red Line) that traders can use to look for breakouts either for Long or Short positions and price.

trailing stop
turtle band
turtle ebook

* Runs on MetaStock (version 12 or higher)

With this system, you can finally understand how it feels to trade like the Turtles! The “Original Rules With Turtle Band” MetaStock Add-on* is now available at SPECIAL introductory price of $399 $360 for a limited time only. Grab yours now and start profiting from it!