How To Trade Like An “Insider” In The Stock Market (Especially In Singapore)

Trade Stocks Like An “Insider”

Have you always wondered why certain stocks, sometimes quite obscure and unknown to most retail traders and investors, suddenly become the hot topic overnight after an explosive surge in price?

And these “unusual market moves” tend to happen BEFORE major announcements or news.

But what if I tell you that after decades of trading experience, we’ve managed to develop a trading system that can detect such “unusual market moves” and ALERT us.

Let me show you some examples to demonstrate what I mean.

1. Medtecs

Everyone will remember 2020 as the year of COVID-19, the coronavirus disease outbreak that took the global economy down and an epidemic so deadly that lockdowns were the only answer to curb the infection rates.

But as with any crisis, there are still a small handful of winners, and such winners will always look obvious in retrospect, especially with such news in place:

medtecs 100x earnings

Medtecs reported a 101x net profit in 1H2020 compared to just 1 year ago. It’s precisely this kind of news that cause stocks to run.

But what if I told you our proprietary trading system picked up signals WEEKS BEFORE the earnings announcement?

medtecs chart insider trading
Figure 1: Medtecs – Trigger Buy (Blue Arrow)

You can see the blue arrow and where the red lines crossed – that’s when our trading system ALERTED us to get into the market.

president xi jinping statementAnd that wasn’t the first time. Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s words caused the then listed penny stock, Medtecs, to have its stock price surge more than 400% (as of time of writing) of its then price of $0.05 on 20 Jan 2020 when news just broke.

And yes, our proprietary trading system picked this up TWO WEEKS BEFORE the news broke.

medtecs chart insider trading
Figure 2: Medtecs – Trigger Buy (Blue Arrow)

Once again, the blue arrow was when we were alerted. Coincidence? Let’s look at another example.

2. Top Glove

Top Glove was already a rising star since its IPO in 2016. But its stock’s slow and steady gain didn’t put it on the radar of many traders and investors, especially a rather rough 2019.

Who would have thought Top Glove would suddenly shoot up?

Top Glove’s stock price started surging since Jan 2020 when the same news about President Xi’s “resolute efforts” just broke. Since then, our proprietary trading system had been picking up signal after signal to buy.

Fast forward almost 9 months later, Top Glove is still one of the most profitable stocks of 2020.

top glove chart insider trading
Figure 3: Top Glove – Trigger by (Blue Arrow)
top glove chart insider trading
Figure 4: Top Glove – Trigger by (Blue Arrow)

As you can see in the charts above – the same blue arrow and crossing red lines – that’s when our system alerted us to buy into Top Glove because of “unusual market movements”.

And if you’re wondering if this trading system only works during crises or drastic market movements, which only occur once every now and then, take a look at the next example.

3. Perennial Holdings

perennial privatisation2 months BEFORE Perennial Holdings’ privatisation deal, our trading system picked up signals of “unusual market moves”, alerting us to enter at SPECIFIC entry prices – TWICE. Look at where the red lines crossed and blue arrows are.

perennial chart insider trading
Figure 5: Perennial Holdings – Trigger by (Blue Arrow)

Perennial wasn’t the only stock. You can see the charts of Biolidics (the company that announced their launch of 10-minute rapid tests), AEM and Riverstone (all of which thrived because of the pandemic).

Take a look at the blue arrows and the crossing of red lines in the charts below of the respective stocks and you’ll know what I mean.

riverstone chart insider trading

aem chart insider tradingHow To Trade Like An “Insider”

As you can see from the above examples (look at the blue arrows and red lines), we received signals BEFORE announcements, news or SGX’s queries to BUY (AND SELL) at specific times.

That allowed us to get in BEFORE the price started to surge or plunge, resulting in some impressive gains.

Now, this “insider trading” isn’t illegal if you’re wondering – it’s just how we like to term it so that it’s easier for traders and investors like you to relate with.

You can see that it’s purely technical signals that our proprietary trading system has picked up, plus a robust tool built in to alert us whenever the trading system detects such signals.

Think of it as taking advantage of technical indicators and signals in the stock prices to understand how the stock market works and identify “unusual market moves”.

If you’re interested to learn more, you can download our eBook that covers this trading system in more detail.

Or you can sign up for the waiting list for our FREE LIVE webinar (scheduled on 13 Jun 2020, Saturday, 10am to 12pm) where I’ll walk you through this trading system and how to trade like an “insider” in the Singapore stock market.

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