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Trading Strengthening Strength

This is an advanced Swing Trading programme which gives you an added advantage in skimming profits from the markets.

The following 3 technical edges will be covered, namely

1. Strong stocks

A specific metric will be introduced to identify strong stocks in the market and are ranked accordingly which allows traders to easily identify the strongest stocks to long and the weakest stocks to short. This metric is used by institutions to narrow their search for strong performing stocks.

Similar metric is also used to identify strong and weak sectors which added another dimension in identifying strong stocks.

2. Early stage

Participants will have a better appreciation of market cycle, types of trend, phases of a trend and more importantly how to recognise the sweet spot for entry; and to avoid over-staying their welcome. It extremely crucial if a trader is at the front end of a longer term trend moves. Recognising the various stages allow traders to pre-empt the likely moves.

3. Increasing Momentum

The confluence of time cycles will be discussed and how various time cycles are integrated to identify a move with increasing momentum.

In addition, participants will be given bonus strategies for trading narrow range bars (NRBs) which are often ignored or neglected by traders. These include NRBs formations like Crater, Pinnacle, Ledge, Plateau and Reversal Run Days.

In short, the key objective of Golden Swing is to get onboard the strongest moving stocks and enter at sweet spot with increasing momentum and ride the moves for maximum profit. This tenet is embodied in the 3 technical edges outlined above. This allows the traders to find the BEST BET.

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