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Dear Trader & Investor,

If you’re here, you’ve most likely wrecked your brains about how to WIN in the stock market. We understand your frustration because thousands of Dr Tee and CK’s students were in the same spot before.

More importantly, we believe that stock market education shouldn’t come at a hefty cost. That’s why we’re offering you Dr Tee and CK’s most popular resources that have been downloaded thousands of times by various traders and investors around the region – absolutely for FREE.

Dr Tee and CK have distilled each of their 20+ years of experience in the stock market into just a few core resources. Also, they’ve just updated the resources so that they’re even more relevant in 2022 and beyond.

FREE Resource #1: A to Z Trading Cards for Successful Trading by CK Ee

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What you’ll learn in this FREE Stock Trading Resource

Trading looks deceptively simple but the reality is that most traders lose money because they either don’t follow a system or don’t have the discipline to stick to it through good and bad.

This set of information cards provides easy-to-read trading advice drawn from hard-won lessons, and a proven system that has stood the test of time.

√ 26 bite-sized pieces of stock trading advice that are relevant regardless of the time and market

√ Stock trading principles that even the most advanced and professional traders live by

√ Written in a simple yet informative way to cater to stock traders of all levels

FREE Resource #2: Ein55 Global Market Outlook


What you’ll learn in this FREE Investing eBook

√ Mass market sentiment survey statistics

√ US, Regional and Singapore market outlook

√ Market-specific commentary (eg. US political economy, property market, commodities and stocks)

In this eBook, Dr Tee will break down the complex market signals to cut through the noise for readers to understand the global stock market better.

FREE Resource #3: Ein55 Global Top 10 Stocks


What you’ll learn in this FREE Investing eBook

√ Ein55 Global Top 10 Stocks

√ Ein55 Optimism strategy

√ Dr Tee’s investing philosophy

A complement to Dr Tee’s comprehensive global market outlook, he shares his popular “Dream Team Portfolio”, consisting of the top 10 global stocks to look out for.

This is an “over-the-shoulder” look at how Dr Tee picked these 10 “cream of the crop” stocks from the global stock market after cutting through the noise.

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Dr Tee and CK

CK’s Profile

Co-Founder & Chief Trainer, Asia Charts

CK has been trading actively since 1993 in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He focuses in trading growth / momentum stocks that have potential for big gains and using derivative instruments like CFD and warrants for better returns.

He has trained thousands of students in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. CK emphasizes the key important of aligning oneself with the underlying behavioral structural of the market and be true to oneself in term of investing / trading style and developing basic but critical money management skill with the right trading mindset.

CK has also been featured in local & overseas media including Bloomberg News, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, Business Times, Borneo Post, Sin Chew Daly, Oriental Daily News, Storm and many more.

Dr Tee’s Profile

Dr Tee Tong Yan
Trainer & Founder Of Ein55

Dr Tee Tong Yan holds a PhD specialized in computational simulation. He possesses 20 years of trading/investing experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and various major investment markets.

He was a corporate Vice President, now the founder of a consulting firm. He has achieved financial freedom, spending most of his free time in life mission to educate the public towards the right path of investing.

Dr Tee is the founder of investing blog with applications of Ein55 Styles of investing, sharing his experience extensively with over 800 investment articles, conducting over 200 trading/investing seminars using FA, TA and PA methods with unique Ein55 Optimism Strategy. He is a well sought after speaker in major trading firms and various investing seminars.

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