Dynamic Band

Hungry Money? Make more profits by “Trading-Out-Of-The-Box?” Are you feeling a bit apprehensive and skeptical right now?

Well, you should be because what we are about to share is highly unconventional and is probably the first time ever someone has discovered a sure-proof method to capture the elusive hungry money and thus increasing your trading profits… by getting into a profitable trade before anyone else!


First, let us explain.

Successful traders typically use trend-following techniques to capture profitable trades. There’s no doubt about the successes you can have following market trends and this is what we also teach and advocate. However…


How Would You Like To Be
ONE STEP Ahead Of Others…

one step ahead

Unfortunately, trend following techniques do have some shortcomings. For example, as they do not actually anticipate trending moves but requires a clear establishment of a trend before giving the trading signals, traders tend to be one-step behind and delay entries into a trending stock. Furthermore, traders run the risk of being slow in reacting to market changes and suffer whipsaws during non-trending periods.

What if there is a way to detect trends much earlier? What if there is a method that allows you to be one-step ahead of others including professional traders who use trend-following techniques?

How Would You Like To PERFORM BETTER Than Professional Trend Traders by Getting Into Profitable Trades EARLIER Than Them!


Hungry Money?


To understand where you can find the hungry money, let us first understand the different market modes. The market has 3 modes, Trending, Ranging and Transition mode.

Most part of the time, the market is ether Trending or Ranging.

Experienced traders are active during trending market and avoid ranging market. The TRANSITION between trending and ranging market is where we have BREAKOUT.

And it is this TRANSITION MODE that holds the key to the HUNGRY MONEY.

Trend trader only responds after trend has been established, missing out on the early stage of the trend. This is the money left on the table that we call HUNGRY MONEY.


This Hungry Money is the opportunity to capture more profits that even professional traders miss if they don’t have the right tool. And without the right tool, traders suffer losses due to whipsaws. So what then is the right tool?


So, How Can We Capture This Hungry Money?


Professional traders have always been seeking a proven method to capture this hungry money and the good news is that we have done it! We have cracked the code to this hungry money and all it takes is a bit of ‘thinking out-of-the-box’ to do it and that’s exactly what we came up with – “Trading Out-Of-The-Box!”

And the best part is that we have made it SIMPLE that even NOVICE traders can use it and gain the edge over professionals and make more profits.

Let’s Make It Simple – Box & Band


First, our special tool will “BOX” out areas that are deemed “untradeable” – Ranging Market, Sideway Market, Congestion, Consolidation, Ledges, Test-of-Bottom, Test-of-Top, High of Pivot Low, Low of Pivot High and whatever terms you have heard of! It all means the same to traders – Areas that you Don’t Trade!

The objective of the Box is simple:

– Identify Areas NOT to trade
– Cut down non-profitable trades

Here is an example of how we ‘box’ congestion areas (focus on the blue lines – the brown box is for visual effects to show you how the areas are boxed!) By boxing the ranging areas or congestion areas, we can know quickly know when there is a transition that gives this method an edge over trend-following.


Now, please remember. These areas are NOT your Gold Mine. Instead, they are your LAND MINES!! Avoid at all cost!

Once we have identified when not to trade, next we need to know when is the exact time to enter and exit a trade.

So the secret is…….. the Dynamic Band!

We already have the box. Now, what we need is a Band. The key feature of this Dynamic Band is

• It is an Adaptive Band that is SENSITIVE to Price Movements
• It Responds to Market VOLATILITY
• It can Generate TRADING SIGNALS

Just remember these 2 components:

1. Dynamic Line – Single Line -> Low Volatility -> Congestion Area
2. Dynamic Band – Twin Lines -> High Volatility – > Range Expansion Area

Take a look at a simple illustration below and the idea is simple. You should only consider entering a trade if the price starts to move into a Dynamic Band and exit as it turns into a Dynamic line.


When you combine Box and Dynamic Band together, you have a unique and powerful trading tool that allows you to

– Enter a profitable trade early before anyone else
– Cut down on non-profitable trades
Control your risks in trading (trades are limited to Overlapping Bar Risks but ENJOY Runaway Bar Gains! )

And that is exactly what we did. We have combined the box and band method into a Simple-To-Use Metastock Addon that you can literally plug in to your Metastock* and start profiting!

*Why Metastock? Because MetaStock is a well known Technical Analysis software created by Equis International, a Reuters company. MetaStock is widely used by serious traders and has won multiple awards. We highly recommend it because it is easy to use yet very powerful when coupled with good MetaStock formula like our Dynamic Band. It is a complete package suitable for both novices or expert traders! Requires Metastock Version 10 and above.


Introducing the Revolutionary…


We are extremely excited about our latest launch because never before had anyone come up with such a simple method to capture the Hungry Money! When you use this dynamic trading tool, we guarantee it will blow your mind!

In this Metastock Addon, you will find out more how you enter and exit the market using the unique “Box and Band” method. Included in this set are

  • Dynamic Band
  • Congestion Box
  • 2 Explorations
  • 2 Indicators
  • 1 Template
  • Expert Advisor
dynamic band ebook

Imagine if YOU know WHAT NOT to do,
The Difference it will make to your Trading Result.

AND imagine if YOU know WHAT to do,
The Difference
it will make to your Bottom Line.

Imagine what this new and revolutionary Dynamic Band can do for you as your friends and brokers will WONDER and ENVY how you constantly pick trending stocks almost effortlessly and better still, enter trades earlier than anyone else!

But most importantly, imagine how much more hungry money you can pick up to FATTEN up your trading profits!


This Dynamic Band MetaStock Addon will be the difference between you making fatter trading profits or continue struggling to find your way in the markets. Stop guessing what stocks to buy and always lament about buying the ‘wrong’ stocks.

Now, there is no need to worry about how to code the complicated rules to find untradeable areas or to figure out how the band works. All you need to do is to run the tool and it will help you identify

– What Stocks To Buy
– When To Buy
– When To Sell

You will hardly find another tool like this to capture the hungry money and give you the edge in trading.

Dynamic Band Metastock Add-on is available on subscription at S$600 / Year.

All you need today is to take action and invest in the ONE tool that you will be ultimately start helping you make more profits in the market. When you start using the Dynamic Band, you will naturally be amazed how fast the returns that you will get if you use it consistently! Subscribe Now!