Asia Charts Pte Ltd “Live On DVD” Seminar Series

Common Indicators Uncommon Profits Series

In 2008, in conjunction with the InvestFair 2008, Asia Charts launched the Common Indicators Uncommon Profits (CIUP), a set of MetaStock Add-ons that allow investors and traders to generate a list of promising stocks using common indicators with added ‘novel’ applications.
Asia Charts discovered that applying the common indicators alone has certain shortfalls but with added ‘twists’ these common indicators became more reliable and provide better signals to buy and sell in the markets.

Similarly in 2009, Asia Charts was again featured in InvestFair 2009 and subsequently organised a one-time-only event on 5th September 2009 to share the CIUP findings.
More than 1000 participants attended the seminar at the Singapore Expo where Mr CK Ee, Chief Trainer and COO of Asia Charts Pte Ltd showed the participants how they can use and tweak indicators such as

  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Average Directional Index (ADX)
  • Average True Range (ATR)
  • On Balance Volume (OBV)

In the highly entertaining and informative seminar, CK Ee provided many invaluable trading experiences and taught the participants how to use these indicators to significantly improve their trading results.

The recordings of the seminar is now available in professionally-produced DVDs (with insertions of Powerpoint slides) to allow you to

  • Revise the important points of how to implement these strategies, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE
  • Learn about our unique CIUP strategies NOW
  • Implement the CIUP strategies IMMEDIATELY


uncommon profits

In this information-rich video presentation, we will show you how to use 4 powerful trading strategies that will greatly enhance your trading success.

You will learn :

“Stock tends to POP like champagne at the right pressure”
How to identify the start of a strong trend and ride it to capture a home run.

“Trend is your friend”
How to use Power ADX to effectively buy on the dip in a strong trend to enhance your reward-risk ratio.

“Low volatility begets high volatility, and high volatility begets low volatility”
How to position yourself before a major move of the market.

“In price there is knowledge, in volume there is truth”
How to place yourself ahead of the pack before a price breakout.

You will uncover the trading gems that have been used by successful traders – be it Riding the Trend, Buying On The Dip, Capturing An Explosive Move of the market or Getting Ahead Of The Pack in a price breakout.