Advanced Shorting Course

Advanced Techniques For The Experienced Trader

As good traders, we cannot just depend on an upwards trend market to look for profit opportunities. To trade only in such markets is tantamount to leaving money on the table by not exploring profit opportunities found in a bearish market as well. When the markets experience downward trends, short selling is the ideal method of trade.

In our Super Rally Trading course, we introduced some basic techniques for you to benefit in a stock price drop. To further help you increase your skills in shorting, we have the Advanced Shorting Course that focuses solely on concepts and mechanics behind this trading technique.

You will learn two approaches to short-selling:

  • Exploiting Climax Tops and
  • Riding a Declining Market

Now, you may think that by following the adage, “Trend is my friend”, the bear market is the best market to short-sell. Yes, a declining market presents opportunities to do shorting. However, the truth is that the most profitable short selling trades actually occur during a bull market.

Why is this so?

When stocks run up too fast, there is a high chance that it will eventually collapse. This represents a good opportunity to short sell the stock. These can often be furious but extremely lucrative. The method of exploiting Climax Tops, which is a counter-trend technique, takes advantage of this phenomenon in order to turn a profit.

In the workshop, you will also learn five core set-up strategies. They are:

  • “Climax Tops”
  • “Fooling the Gaps”
  • “Turnaround”
  • “Exploiting the Short Squeeze” and
  • “Lap Down”

In addition, you will also learn Gap Analysis and understand why gaps can happen. By knowing how to analyse gaps when it happens, you can tell whether the gap is a signal that a stock is changing or continuing in its original direction. This will greatly help you to position yourself to take timely trade action.

The Advanced Shorting course is a must-attend for any trader who wants not only to profit in a bull market but in bearish market too.

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