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As professional traders ourselves, we offer the latest suite of investing tools that we ourselves use to trade in the markets.

We offer tools that varies according to your trading experience and risk-appetite when trading in the stock markets. Whether it is for short-term or long-term investing, we have trading systems for the novice traders to the advanced traders.

For novice traders, you can look into using our indicators like Common Indicators Unusual Profits (CIUP) or start learning our flagship SR Trading System that allows you to use for long-term (SR Position) or short-term (SR Swing) investing. We also have advanced courses and systems for traders with more trading experience such as our Maxi-Gain that focuses on how to maximise your gains.

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Trading news & market outlook

20 Mar

Using Relative Strength Analysis

Relative Strength Line is NOW available in SI Station – Golden Swing screener What is Relative Strength Line (RS Line)? RS Line compares a security’s price action to that of the benchmark index. A rising line indicates that the security is outperforming the benchmark index and vice versa. RS Line will still rise if the…

01 Sep

How To Trade Like An “Insider” In The Stock Market (Especially In Singapore)

The 100% legal way to "trade like an insider" in the stock market (especially in Singapore) by leveraging on "unusual market moves" for explosive profits.

15 May

Swing Trading Strategies That Work In Singapore (And Lessons To Learn)

Swing trading involves reading charts to anticipate the next price swing of a stock. These swing trading strategies are effective for Singapore's stock market.

07 Jan

Key Benefits & Challenges Of Trend Trading

Trend trading leverages on upward and downward trends for maximum profits. While there are benefits to this strategy, traders must know the challenges too.

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What participants said about our strategies

What participants said about our seminar

    Tian Guan

    tian guan

    "Without the system, you will be trading blindly"

    "The trainers are very helpful, they give us a system which they developed and you can trade according to the system. Eventually, you will gain more confidence. Without the system, you will be trading blindly. This trading system will really guide you in the long term investment!"



    "No prior experience in stock trading"

    "Before this, I had no prior experience in stock trading. So, I’m very thankful that through Asia Charts, I managed to understand the stock market better. Their methods helped me a lot and it’s been a very wonderful and enriching experience so far! I am still continuing my learning every other day."



    "Recover most of my losses.."

    "After attending this stock trading workshop, we are taught a lot of skills and tools to track the trending. With that, it is much easier to track the stocks that are able to trend upwards. So far, I’ve managed to recover most of my losses incurred prior to attending the course."

    Teo Bian Chin

    teo bian chin

    "A system to pick the right stock..."

    "I have been trading in the stock market for many years, normally based on hear-say and simple fundamental analysis to pick stocks. SR Trading Course helped me with a system to pick the right stock to trade. Together with the lesson on Money Management and having the right psychology, the SR System is a great help to anyone wanting to trade in the stock market."

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