After attending this workshop, we are taught a lot of skills. Different tools are given to us to track the trending. With that, it is much easier to track the stocks that are able to run, ie, trend upwards. So far, I’ve managed to recover most of my losses incurred prior to attending the course.

Traders Hub is very good for those starting to trade. We meet fellow traders where we help and encourage each other along the way. In addition, CK and Benny come in to give us good guidance on which stock we should focus on.

Anthony, Civil Servant

Before this, I had no prior experience in stock trading. So, I’m very thankful that through Asia Charts, I managed to understand the stock market better. Their methods helped me a lot and it’s been a very wonderful and enriching experience so far! I am still continuing my learning every other day. Being in the Traders Hub has helped a lot and I thank all of them for being here with me.

Jeremy, Undergraduate, 1st Time Investor

I’m a retiree and the skills imparted by CK and his team has helped me to earn my living. I come to the Traders Hub everyday to learn from the very helpful team in Asia Charts and from fellow traders. CK Ee, in my opinion, is an extremely helpful trainer, who is ever willing to impart valuable trading knowledge. I eventually learnt to buy only stocks that have a positive return.

Choo See Ping, Retiree

CK and Benny are very helpful, they give us a system which they developed and you can trade according to the system. Eventually, you will gain more confidence. Without the system, you will be trading blindly. This system will really guide you in the long term investment!

Tian Guan, IT Professional

I have been trading since 10 yrs ago, but I wouldn’t consider myself having a high success rate. After being introduced to Asia Charts and going through the course, I’ve gained a lot of confidence, in terms of how to choose stocks, how to manage risk, how to get out from the market and recognize the stocks that move. My success rate has since increased significantly through Asia Charts’ system and training.

Abdul Hashim

Before I get to know Asia Charts, I do not have a trading system and I do not have a good record. After I’ve attended the course and applied their concept, I get a positive result. I feel that the Traders Hub is the right place for us to polish our trading skills, especially risk management. CK always provide us with guidance and motivates us to improve. Today, I made an attractive profit from an Intra-Day trade. I encourage you to give yourself an opportunity to experience SR Trading System. Thank you Asia Charts!

Elise Chua


I have been trading in the stock market for many years, normally based on hear-say and simple fundamental analysis to pick stocks. SR Trading Course helped me with a system to pick the right stock to trade. Together with the lesson on Money Management and having the right psychology, the SR System is a great help to anyone wanting to trade in the stock market.

Teo Bian Chin, Remisier

I'm a remisier and was a 1st batch student when Asia Charts started. I found SR Trading System very easy to use. I've benefited from it and have been making money from market since.

I used to think that I know how to trade, especially being a remisier, I am closer to the market. However, after attending the course, I realized just like many others that I’m not so smart after all. Ever since adopting SR Trading System, my result has improved tremendously. I would strongly recommend everyone to attend this course. In fact I've recommended my clients to attend the course and many have benefited from it too

Hong A C, Remisier

The SR Trading System is the best method I have seen on the market. It is simple, logical and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed in the market.

Mei Yun, Homemaker

I am a Malaysian trader and I want to offer your company my congratulations.

Your course has all the right concepts about trading, not like so many others. People use fundamental analysis, predictive technical analysis (methods like Elliot, Gann, Fibonacci, etc) or new technology like neural networks because they want to predict markets, control the market and because they do not know the really important things for trading success. We must have rigid money management rules and a way to follow trend. If we do not do this and the market goes against us, we will lose.

By following the rules laid out in the SR system, this is like a breath of fresh air to trading.

I have no background in trading and very little time. However, I have beaten the market ever since I attended your workshop! Congratulations again for a job well done!

Neo Y C, 1st Time Investor

The SR traders are very professional and knowledgeable. I have gained a lot from their advice and experience from the markets. I have even encouraged my wife to attend this course. Highly recommended!

KC Ang, Businessman

The SR Team is great. They are very helpful and sincere in providing continuous support to novice traders like me. Now I believe that trading can be easy and fun at the same time.

Yiting, Marketing Manager

The SR Trading System is very good. The software that they use is very simple to use and easy to understand. I can now spend a little time everyday to make extra money from the markets. A very good course for new traders like me. Thank you.

Alex Pang, Businessman and Novice Trader

I have been investing and “trading” in shares since I was young but never realized that I was actually doing it blindly and foolishly until I attended the SR Trading Course.

For me, it was a long but wrong journey doing first, what everyone else was doing in the marketplace-buying shares based on rumors and newspapers or analysts’ articles, etc. Then I thought I got smarter by doing fundamental analysis and sticking to it during the later part of my life. Needless to say, I had lost a lot of money in the stock market.

It was only after I learnt the SR Trading System that I feel more comfortable, complete and confident trading the market these few months. The training course has taught me to change the wrong emotional mindset to the right psychology for trading. And most important of all, it taught me the Money Management skills to protect my capital with a system that protects my profits.

Whilst previously I was lost in the dangerous marketplace with “landmines” everywhere, the SR Trading System is like a roadmap showing me clearly which roads to take and if I am wrong, when I should stop without going too far wrong. I am glad that I can now trade with an objective and knowing where I am going.

I wish I had discovered SR Trading System earlier. It would have saved me lots of money, anguish and heartaches.

Aylwin Ang, Retiree

Thank you very much for your advice and your sincere concern and care to help me improve my chances of success in trading. So far, you have come across to me as a teacher who is genuinely interested in the welfare of his students and not one of those commercial gurus out there whose interest is to make themselves famous and rich ... fast.

Ms Tang KY

I just want to say that your Turbo Trend Indicator (TTI) is really marvelous. I had been a full time trader in the stock market for 3 years. During these 3 years I had attended numerous courses on stock trading but later found that the SR system is the one that provides me with the best strategies and returns on my trading. When I was first introduced to TTI 9 months ago, I could not believe that TTI, couple with the SR system had given me a higher probability in my stock selection and thus brings my returns to a new height. I must once again thank the SR team for sharing such a wonderful indicator with us.

Mr Robin Hong, Full Time Stock Trader

Thank you, CK, for your quick response. I appreciate it and especially you taking the trouble to attach the chart showing how the SR rally has been completed from point 1 to point 2.

You are really a great teacher.

Ang Y L

Humility, honesty and integrity - CK is one of the best trading coaches I have come across. He is honest and down-to-earth and his passion for the market and his eagerness to share are just contagious!

Mohammed Noor

Excellent trading knowledge for successful trading. I am impressed by the helpfulness, humbleness and friendliness of the people at Asia Charts. It makes us just want to trust the company because of such excellent people. Like in stock company, it is the management and character that is important.

Wonderful course for all traders who want to leave their loss-making and clueless days behind. At last, you can see some light at the end of a long and very dark tunnel.

Congratulations for your excellent works

Steve Peng Ching Meng, Remiser

P/s : I should have joined earlier

A well presented workshop with an honest and humble lecturer in CK Ee. Enjoyed his in-depth knowledge of the market.

Foo Say Peng

CK Ee is the best trainer of all the workshops that I have attended previously. I give a rating 96% for the trainer and the programme.

Ivan C W Chee, Retiree

Mr CK Ee has done an excellent job. He is very patient, polite and well-mannered. He used simple method to reach out to all trainees.

A job well done by all of you in Asia Charts.

Wong Loke Khoon

I have profit of RM250,000 from 2 stocks – Eden and Dialog, and this is achieved with 3 days of contra-trading – neat profit with no capital! Thanks Asia Charts!

Tan Ah Mui, Housewife

I am amazed by the quality of the training and the concepts that are taught. It just blows my mind away. It surprised me that such training is available in Singapore.

Raymond Tan, Private Trader (Australia)

Before this workshop, I thought I know something about trading. After the workshop, I realized I know nothing about trading. A real eye opener on trading. The course fee is insignificant compared to the potential loses I would have made without attending the workshop. Can feel the passion in CK’s teaching. Good Job!

Great details on trading. Definitely worth more than the course fee.

Chua Tze Kian

It is a good training course, compared to the many I have attended. In-depth explanation of trading psychology to help you to cut loss and not to over-trade.

Joseph Pui Chiau Tien

CK is an excellent trainer. He is down to earth, humourous and very knowledgeable. SR system is a very practical and easy to use program. Thank you CK.


CK is a very dedicated and passionate speaker. He has the best interest of the students and will share his knowledge freely.

Tan Cheng Wee

Before I signed up for your workshop I have attended many previews on stock investing by other companies and I was undecided which workshop to attend and also I was not sure if their methods really work. Many of them like to give the impression that using their method to trade is a “SURE WIN”. Many will show cases of how much their students were making but never mention their student losing trade.

When I attended your preview you were very different in that you were honest in telling us that trading is a probability game and that having a good trading method will only increase the probability to beat the market. Just these few words make me decide to sign up for your workshop.

I want to tell you personally that I am very pleased with the support you are giving your student including myself. Your method has saved me from the recent market downturn. If I had not attended your course I will be stuck with many losing stocks during this downturn.

I wish you all the best and I will not hesitate to recommend anyone who is looking to improve on their trading method.

Alan Teo

Overall the workshop is good value for money as it covers all the important aspects : psychology, money management and system with good balance. For this reason, it is better than some of the other workshops I have attended. Plus, I think the support, which is critical, is fantastic.

Matthew Thomas

I had attended the SR Trading Workshop in early Jan 2008 thinking that I would pick up more knowledge in trading. After finishing the course, I realized that i know nothing about real trading!!! It’s like picking up a new skill all over again and what I had been doing prior to the workshop are thrown into the rubbish bin.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I should have attended this workshop much earlier, which would have given me the ability to stop the kind of losses I made in Aug 07 market correction and again towards the end of 2007. I would also have made better profits with the skills and knowledge acquired.

The course fees paid is insignificant as compared to the kind of skills and knowledge I gained not just during the workshop but also during my trips down to the training hub. Let me explain.

Yes I was at the training hub most of the time since the course ended. This is a great place to find out your own trading styles/patterns and of course, your bad habits!!! CK, Benny and occasionally CL are there to provide further guidance and advice to iron out your trades. Especially during the end of day where CK debriefs on the trades made and shared his experiences and skills. Our friendly Li Ping and Serene are always there to help you with any problems in the computer, software and even remind you to follow the rules of trades!!!

Of course there are regular traders with more experiences in SR trading system. They are more than willing to assist you if you encounter any problems. Not to mention the "curry puffs, cakes, snacks and other goodies" complimented from the "markets".

I was quite skeptical about posting this thread, since the seats in the trading hub are quite limited and taken up fast. I dun wanna come to the HUB and realize that all the seats are taken up.

Still, in this lengthy thread, I must give the kind of compliments to all the Staff in Asia Charts and all the co-traders in the trading hub they deserved. Trading can never be fun without you guys around, although CK said real trading is boring. Fun is not in the trade itself, but more of the kind of environment they created.

I believed I am a better trader now than I was, but lets be realistic, it takes more than just attending the workshop to be a Real Good Trader, you need a lot of practice on what you have learnt. Coming to the hub keeps me focus on the right track. This is going to take time but at least I know I am a step closer now.

Chua TK

The team at Asia Chart works seamlessly to provide students with all the necessary tools and knowledge when entering into the world of Share Trading. The concepts once learnt can be applied to any trading platform. CK is a passionate teacher and he differentiates himself from the market by setting up a Traders Hub where students can come to share ideas and seek answers instead of trying to “imagine” trends and see what they like to see from a chart. The concept is simple and easy to comprehend. It is reinforced daily when he reviews the market at end of each trade day. It has made me understand that when prices go down it does not represent the Great Singapore Sale and take on a position. Mastering psychology is key to trading success. Setting limits and stops are carved in stone and are not negotiable. In this bear market, I have learnt to short the market and not take on new positions in “cheap” shares. That alone has been profitable for me. Keep up the good work !

Julia Chan, joined since June 2008

Dear CK and Team,

Just a note to thank you and your team for conducting the wonderful and profitable SR Trading course and your continual supports thereafter. I was able to achieve immediate results using your trading guidelines and strategy, after attending the course.

Prior to my attending the training, I have not shorted the market and have been making those common mistakes mentioned in the course, such as buying or sell on rumors, hot tips, cost averaging, not using of stop less and not having proper money management.

The course equipped me the necessary skills on psychology, money management and trading strategies to trade the market especially in the current volatile time.

I am happy to inform you that in the recent CMC Trading Competition to recognize the trading skill of their traders and the top 10 traders with the highest ROI (Return of Investment) win $$5000 credit, I came in fourth position with an ROI of more than 200%. The competition was held from 8th Aug 2008 to 19th Sep 2008 and I only attended your course in the middle of this year.

I will never be able to achieve the result, if I have not attended the course and will not hesitate to recommend anyone to attend your course. The course is indeed value for money.

Thank you.


Patrick Koh
Oct 08

Worth to attend, no regret.
Was surprised to gain unexpected knowledge.
Should have attended earlier

CH Cheah – May 09

Have attended many courses, but this is the best.
CK is a very good trainer and his is humble. He understands the market very well.
His trading system is excellent.

Allan Thong (remisier) – Jul 09

The workshop helps me to understand the psychology of trading much better. This should be the first course of anyone who wishes to trade in the financial market. I wish that I knew this course earlier. I have attended many courses but his one by far is the most comprehensive trading program – practical, easy to apply and proven.

Tan Teck Chew – Jul 09

I am a trader trading for past 2 years.
I have attended many expensive courses and was disappointed that most of them are NOT qualified to teach at all.
In fact, I gave up until I met a trader friend who told me to try your seminar. I must say your course did give me good impact. I found your strategies really work!

Phua Soon Ek (full-time trader) – Jul 09

Very good, no, excellent workshop!
I wish I attended the workshop some time back.

Solihin Jinata – Oct 09

I will recommend all investors to learn from the right guru, CK. Your chances of success will increase tremendously.

Rodney Kee – Jan 10

The workshop is comprehensive and covered many important aspects necessary for good trader. There are many instances of “AHAs”. Attending this workshop has been my best investment to date.

Ming Heng – Mar 10