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SR Forex and Futures Workshop

Discover Forex and Futures Trading Strategies
That Can Protect Your Capital As Well As Your Profits

Do you find it a challenge to trade in the stock market because you are working or busy with your business during the stock exchange operating hours? This is a common grouse among working professionals and business owners who cannot monitor the markets because of their lifestyle or work commitments.

Therefore trading in the Forex and Futures markets may be just right for you because these markets operate 24 hours a day, five days a week allowing you the flexibility to trade in the time zones most suitable for you.

However it is not advisable to “jump” into these markets without the proper training and techniques.

The “SR Forex and Futures” Workshop is designed to provide you the solid foundation to trade in these markets with full confidence. You will learn sound concepts and principles developed through our years of experience in full-time trading and extensive research. You will be trained how to read price charts to identify key trend formation using our unique methods. From these readings, you will discover how to translate them into profitable trading opportunities.

In the workshop, we will teach you 6 different strategies to enter the market and 4 exit strategies. The timing of entries into the market is important therefore we will teach you a method to determine appropriate entry timings by studying price action. The 4 exit strategies covered are:

  • Pivot Point
  • Money Management
  • Partial Profit and
  • Extension Bar

As a powerful primer into Forex and Futures trading, this workshop also includes discussion into critical trading psychology and rock-solid money management concepts to ensure you protect your capital as well as your profits.




David Stringer (Professional Trader)

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