CIUP Stock Screener Metastock (12 months)

Common Indicators Uncommon Profits (CIUP)* – our best-selling stock screener

4 Trading strategies are :

  • RSI “POP ®
  • OBV Breakout
  • Power ADX ®
  • ATR Squeeze ®


Our CIUP add-on is easy to use and help the investors to reduce the tedious tasks of manually applying indicators to random stocks to pick out trading opportunities. Our add-on allows novice traders to highlight potential stocks with entry setups clearly defined. With intra-day download of market data, trading opportunities can be identified intra-day. In addition, our novel approach to these common indicators can help to maximize profits and avoid riskier trades.

This CIUP set comes with installation instructions and guide on how to use the indicators.

Price: $360.00


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