In this information-rich video presentation, we will show you how to use 4 powerful trading strategies that will greatly enhance your trading success. You will learn : RSI “POP” “Stock tends to POP like champagne at the right pressure” How to identify the start of a strong trend and ride it to capture a home run. POWER ADX “Trend is your friend” How to use Power ADX to effectively buy on the dip in a strong trend to enhance your reward-risk ratio. ATR SQUEEZE “Low volatility begets high volatility, and high volatility begets low volatility” How to position yourself before a major move of the market. OBV BREAKOUT “In price there is knowledge, in volume there is truth” How to place yourself ahead of the pack before a price breakout.

You will uncover the trading gems that have been used by successful traders – be it Riding the Trend, Buying On The Dip, Capturing An Explosive Move of the market or Getting Ahead Of The Pack in a price breakout. You will be able to start trading with CONFIDENCE! All strategies work well in both an up or down market.

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